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About ESG

What is ESG investment with
conscious of Society and environment?

Do you know ESG investment?
Generally speaking, it is said “Investment to value the environment and society other than finance return of investment.

Recently the academic researcher or finance institution officer according to their empirical studies is announced that the investment with conscious of society and environment is much higher than the normal investment about the financial return and also it is smaller than one about the risk.

This new way of thinking is paired with prevailing the sustainability in company management and the movement which is said that the management strategy by conscious society and environment is connected with the company profit and the increasing of corporate value.

However, even though such as an excellent and social significant investment, it is said there is generated the deceit and disintermediate by broker as issues.


Cleaner ESG Investment Platform

There are the above-mentioned issues in environment of ESG Investment. We can say the same things as well as ESG investment.

That is why, we remark “Blockchain”

In the Green Funding Platform established by us the various issues are resolved by the transparent all the investment financial flow by means of decentralizing account book.

The investor can search how much is their return amount to a certain degree by means of recording their invested fund is used for where is and what purpose is on unti-falfsification blockchain.

In our design the company side who received investment fund must inform the investor of the progress of project, otherwise, the invested fund is not allocated to Company. Exactly this platform is born to be fair for investor and company.

3 Features of
Green Funding platform

  • ESG investment case only invested by specialist
    ESG investment case only
    invested by specialist

    ESG investment case only, which the rich experienced due diligence specialist of ESG investment conducted the close investigation and pass the examination, is uploaded. You can experience the safety investment environment.

  • Transparent all investment financial flow
    Transparent all investment
    financial flow

    The trading record is thoroughly carried out by decentralizing account book without the nebulous middle margin and disintermediated. The dogging fake information of investment is taken off and Company can do activities directly.

  • Progress Confirmation similar to security trust system
    Progress Confirmation similar to
    security trust system

    We take the security trust system type and investigate how to use the invest fund regularly. We conduct to withdrawal the investment fund if it is generated on the accounting fraud or stagnating the process.

3 Features of
Green Funding Coin

  • Increasing Transaction Speed
    Increasing Transaction Speed

    It is said that the speed and security is key in Blockchain by using Service.
    In this GFC the transaction speed is adopt to NEO system which speed is more than 1000/tx.

  • Stable Infrastructure 「NEO」base
    Stable Infrastructure 「NEO」base

    We establish the stable design not only increasing speed but also trusted security by means of not the original development of the blockchain without the unstable and non-inspection but constructing the stable system based on NEO.

  • Natural Control of Volatility for the sake of basic currency
    Natural Control of Volatility for the sake of basic currency

    For the sake of the basic currency in platform we assume to buy and sell under the regular amount of currency. It is featuring that the decreasing possibilities of our volatility is lower than other currency.

GFC White Paper

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Team & Advisors

Go for the Safe, Trust ESG Investment of
World Standard

We can live causally every day, however, there are some economically poor countries without keeping the even hope in the world.

Such as indifferences people is same as the investment usage world.

The overwhelming number of investment method is searching for the financial return only. Actually, there are many cases with destruction of the environment and anti-society.

However, it is getting to be the movement which is not only financial return but also social value investment for drawing our future when we live for a head in the world.

Of course, we get the financial return and at same time we can support the people in development countries, don’t you?

Our business is going on not only supporting the investor for their certain financial return but also assisting “Good thinks” for all over the world.

Renji HiraseGreen Funding Platforms Co., Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer

Graduated from Physics Department, Science Faculty in Osaka University
VBL Researcher, Faculty of Engineering in Kyoto Imperial University
and then the Venture Business has been started.
He has been concerned to Environmental Technology Patent Sale project and so on.

  • Nicholas BonkowskiGreen Funding
    Platforms Co., Ltd.
    Chief Financial Officer

    From Canterbury University
    2013-2018 Scottish Business Finance

  • K. TakahashiGreen Funding
    Platforms Co., Ltd.
    Chief Financial Advisor

    Graduated from University of Southern California
    Policy Proposal in IMF(International Monetary Fund) and counsel of PwC Consulting LLC

  • Alex. BowenGreen Funding
    Platforms Co., Ltd.
    Executive Officer

    2015-2017 IBC Group Senior Business Advisor
    2017-2018 EtherSport Senior Advisor

  • Duc NguyenGreen Funding
    Platforms Co., Ltd.
    Chief Technical Officer

    2012 – 2015 Google LLC, Former Image Analysis Engineer Team Leader
    2015 – Vietnam National University Fellow

  • Kou KurosawaGreen Funding
    Platforms Co., Ltd.
    Technology Advisor

    Graduated from Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering of Osaka Prefecture University
    1991 – 2005 Professor, Faculty of Engineering in Miyazaki University
    2005 – Present Professor emeritus in Miyazaki University

  • and Team Members...